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Buy Less Demand More

Image by Jeff Juit from Pixabay A message to buy less from a producer is quite rare and far from the norm. Usually, when we are browsing for a new product, we are bombarded with buzzwords from influential marketing campaigns touting how their products are leaner, greener, and cleaner than the rest. The fact that greenwashing has become […]

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Looking at Preowned Goods in a New Light

We often drift to purchasing something new and shiny, fresh off the shelves, when we think of buying something. Retail and advertising industry techniques are also made to influence us into purchasing “unused” and “unopened” products by offering a perfect, clean look and an unboxing experience tailor-made to entice and excite us. With such a mindset

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Why buy when we can borrow?

“You’ll Own Nothing and You’ll Be Happy,” A statement in an essay by Danish MP Ida Auken sparked countless debates about a dystopian future looming on the horizon. Yet we all tend to agree now that there is some truth behind the undeniable trend of accessing things for use without owning them. Be it, lending

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Convertibles Are the New Black!

A famous saying that outlines the impact of textile and clothing is, “The most sustainable garment is the one that is never made!” With textile and clothing manufacturing generally involving an alarming amount of pollution while the finished garments have few recovery options for post-consumption waste, that statement makes perfect sense. To hammer home the

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A Product Can Still Be Functional Even Though It Is Imperfect

We dread to have our favorite kettles, toasters, mixers, or irons broke. Not only is it hard to repair them, having to let go of something that we liked and was working perfectly fine is also not an easy thing. What comes on top of that is the extra burden to now search for a

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