What are the shortcomings of a circular economy?

A circular economy does not have disadvantages. However, there are many barriers towards transitioning to a circular economy from linear economy.

A circular transformation needs change to be catalysed at the highest level in all the economies of the world, including how business activities are conducted, and measured.

The transformation needs collaborations with multiple parties, from policy makers to each laymen who makes a consumption decision.

Circular alternatives have to be developed, and various measures have to put in place to evaluate the alternatives, which includes a lot of complexity.

Supplier and consumer attitudes need to change, as suppliers seek to provide the most convenient solution for consumer expectations.

At a broader policy level, there is a lack of existing infrastructure and financially feasible alternatives to the resources being utilised.

Organisations do not have environmental impact included in the strategy discussions and this ambiguity, reduces the focus and the right level of resources being committed to circular economy outcomes.