What are some examples of circular economy and related businesses?

Regeneration through industrial processes

Circular economy strategies for the technosphere;

  • Share (products) & maintain (products)

Shaw Industries sell carpet usage as a flooring service, maintain the carpets, and take back the carpets to be refurbished, repaired and re-used.  Phillips lighting sells lighting as a service, instead of selling light bulbs which alternately would have increased electronic waste.

  • Reuse (products)

Marks & Spencer introduced a programme where clothes can be returned to their stores, to be reused, recycled or upcycled.

  • Repair (products)

Clothes, shoes, and electronic items can be repaired instead of being discarded which would increase their lifetime.

  • Refurbish (components)

Semiconductor manufacturer Applied Materials has a business segment for global services such as integrated solutions to optimize equipment, performance and productivity. This includes spares, upgrades, services, certain remanufactured earlier generation equipment, and factory automation software.

  • Remanufacture (components)

GE Healthcare remanufactures components in its medical imaging devices, and the device therefore comes with a comprehensive warranty, as the team takes care to remanufacture when the device begins to give trouble.

  • Upcycle (materials)

Looptworks creates 100% upcycled goods using textile waste.

  • Recycle (materials)

Flooring company Desso uses recyclable yarn in its carpets, that can be separated, and used over and over again.


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