Enable green procurement and sustainable choices of consumption

Do you wish to educate your customers and transform your markets so that buyers make environmentally conscious buying choices?

We help you understand your buyers, whether you are selling to industrial (B2B) markets or directly to consumers. We help align your product and service positioning to increase the pull by removing barriers for procurement.

Identify – Identify and evaluate buyer behaviour

We conduct interviews and surveys to identify factors that influence buying decisions. We investigate barriers and drivers that persist affecting green and environmental procurement.

Analyze – Conduct product and market mapping

We engage in research to identify the target industry and build product profiles that suit your customer segments. We conduct competitor analysis to identify traits that will enhance product competitiveness.

Test – Conduct experiments on alternative products

We assess buyer and target consumer behavior, and map product attributes to customer requirements. We conduct choice experiments to help you understand more about purchasing behavior and attributes that consumers value and prefer. We recommend pricing strategies to derive the best value for your products.

Plan – Validate positioning and plan launch

We identify and evaluate market gaps, formulating product positioning strategy and marketing and communications plans that align with those.

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