enable stewardship through value chain transparency

Capturing operational performance and sustainability related data in the value chains can help identify issues and flag risks as well as discover new insights that lead to new solutions. We offer our clients a full spectrum of solutions in the area of big data analysis.

If your organization wish to improve sustainability and operational performance and transparency in your value chains using data, we will help you through the following services.

We will combine our expertise in business and sustainability with capabilities of data analytics to help you understand how your current processes perform and new heights that can be reached with improvements to capture and analysing data.

Map – Conduct data mapping

We will assess what aspects of your operations need to be monitored based on the goals your organization intends to achieve. We will assess your requirement for data identify the gap for available and needed data to achieve your intended goal.

Build - Develop data management systems

We help you introduce or improve data management systems and provide solutions to collect, analyze and manage the required data.

Visualize - Create visualization capability

We develop visualization capability to help making the patterns visible. We empower in-house staff to use those platforms through sharing knowledge via trainings.

Integrate - Develop insights that add value

We help you develop insights using developed platforms and use those to current performance and ways that can create value. These insights cane be used to develop strategies to help you reach the next level of your financial, operational and/or sustainability performance.

We also help our clients to tell their success stories with tangible data and help with communications and reporting.

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