Life Cycle Assessment for complying with Puro.Earth Carbon Removal Standard (2021)

The project aims to aid RBE to be audit-ready in compliance with Puro.Earth Carbon Removal Standard (2021). The study involved the biomass provider Holla Fresh and biochar user for soil application BioGro. The scope of the study included receipt of biomass in Melbourne up to application of produced biochar to soil, including carbon storage.

Rainbow Bee Eater Pty Ltd., based in Melbourne is a technology provider for ECHO2 pyrolysis modules, which convert organic waste to biochar, syngas, and wood vinegar. With biochar having the capability to capture and retain CO2  for a long period of time, pyrolysis modules such as ECHO2 helps organic waste generators to effectively dispose of their waste with a net negative effect on carbon emissions. Rainbow Bee Eater intends to estimate the extent of carbon removal for the unit installed at Holla-Fresh at Tantanoola, South Australia, and have the CO2 removal certificates (CORCs) obtained for the relevant operation by Puro. Earth.




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